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ST36-140 and ST36-150 Radial Telescopic Stackers


The Radial Telescopic Stacker operates in the following way when used in manual mode. A series of switches located on the operating control panel allow you to move the conveyor manually to your desired location using the left/right, up/down and in/out functions.

It operates in the following way when used in automatic mode. The machine will start fully retracted pre-set on its left hand parameter at 0 degrees. It will then proceed on a right hand radial arc until reaching the right hand parameter as pre-set by the operator. This can be set at any angle between 0 and 270 degrees.

The machine will automatically telescope out 1 meter and start on its left hand radial arc. This process will continue until the machine extends fully up to maximum of 16 meters extension. When fully extended, the machine will raise when material is detected 1 meter from the head drum pile high material sensor. The conveyor will continue on its left to right cycles until it reaches its fully retraced position. The process will repeat continuously until machine reaches final height of 14 meters (16 degrees). On the last run, the final rows indicator light will flash on panel.

  • Machine Length: 42m (fully extended), 26.5m (fully retracted)
  • Machine Weight : 38 Tonnes
  • Tonnes Per Hour: 800 TPH @ material density = 1.6T/m3
  • Max Lump Size: 100mm
  • Feed-in Height : 3.9m
  • The outer conveyor belt has 2 x 18.5 KW motors.
  • The inner conveyor belt has 2 x 15 KW motors.
  • Towing height is 4.11m (13’6)

Structural Specifications

Main outer lattice frame is constructed from 100x100x10mm (top) and 200x100x10mm (bottom) heavy structural angles. The extendible inner lattice frame is constructed using 100x50x6mm rectangular hollow section.

The forward support frame (Undercarriage) is constructed of 200x100x6mm rectangular hollow section. The forward support frame is hydraulically raised and lowered for transportation purposes.

King pin, counterweight and side plate assemblies are designed to allow ample turning clearance for most 5th wheel tractors. Safety guards at all pinch points are standard.

Standard accessories include loading hopper (stone box) 1500mm wide x 2100mm long x 400mm high, fabricated from 6mm plate with rubber skirting.

The conveyor mid section is hydraulically raised to allow the wheels to swing from travel mode to radial position. Wide wheelbase in radial position offers great stability during operation while the closed travel position allows for safe highway transportation

Telescopic action is activated by a 219mm-dia drum (1.1 KW motor) and ½” (12.7mm) cable winch package, which moves the conveyor, approximately 0.05 m/s (2764Nm, 2.4 Tonnes pull).

Radial Arms is activated by one electric motor wheel drives on one side. The travelling speed required is 0.1m/s. The radial arms move up and down powered by hydraulic rams.






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