Use and advantages of the KMK ST36-140 ScopicTrack


  • Can be used for stock pilling material up to 42m.
  • Can be used on a variety of aggregates.
  • Removes the need for heavy loading equipment.


  • Can be used to load or unload materials to and from ships.
  • All ship hatches can be filled from one position.
  • Eliminates the need for double handling of materials and the use of towing conveyors.


  • Allows the stock piling of mining material up to 42m.
  • Less handling of material leads to a better product.
  • Removes the need for heavy loading equipment.


  • Materials can be stock pilled efficiently.
  • Less personnel are needed.

Key main advantages of KMK Telescopic Stacker

1. Has a longer hopper which means less wastage

2. 90% electric

3. Fully automatic

4. Each machine can be specifically designed to meet the end needs of the customer